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BNG Pte Ltd (UEN: 201620789D) is NOT a financial advisory firm. All information contained in the website including all slides, notes, presentation, financial models, illustrations, know-how, projections, methods of working, formulae and any other information used or presented to you in our website (the “Materials”) are based or premised on the personal experiences and expertise of the investors/trainers and is for general information purposes only. The Materials:

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You agree that BNG, its officers, employees, agents, officers, contractors and representatives do not and will not provide, nor will it be responsible for providing, legal, business, product and/or financial advice. BNG accepts no responsibility for losses that may arise from reliance upon the Materials. Full legal or financial advice should be taken from a qualified professional when dealing with specific situations. Nothing in the Material constitutes

  1. a recommendation regarding the acquisition of, investment into or financing of any business, assets, liabilities or securities,
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  3. a fairness or solvency opinion,
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  5. an examination or compilation of, or the performance of your investment portfolio.

By viewing, downloading or collecting the Materials from BNG (if any), you agree that BNG, its employees, agents, officers, contractors and representatives are not and shall not be liable to you for any claims, liabilities, or expenses in any way arising out of or relating to the Materials or the services provided in the training program. In no event shall BNG, its officers, employees, agents, officers, contractors and representatives be liable for

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The Materials and any information presented on our website are given purely as illustrations and should not be construed as specific investment, financial or legal recommendations. The laws relating to investment, taxation, benefits, and the handling of money are constantly changing and are often subject to changes in government policy, and while every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the Materials, neither the author, presenter, promoters nor the publishers will bear any responsibility or liability for any action taken by any person, persons, organization on the purported basis of information contained in the website, its notes or its writings, illustrations or any support material. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no person, persons, or organisation should invest monies or take other action in reliance on the Materials or any information contained in the website their notes or sessions, manuals or any accompanying documents, but instead should satisfy themselves independently (by seeking expert advice or otherwise) of the appropriateness of any such action.


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Data Protection and Privacy Statement

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